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Autumnal Wedding Looks

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What’s ahead of us for the autumn bride? The top trends in make-up, dresses and hair are described below, with some key tips on how to make the look work for you.

Make up

Better eyebrows – forget the scouse brow or the Cara Delavigne look, autumn’s eyebrows will be groomed but much more natural. Trust your wedding make up expert – they might suggest a brow colour that surprises you: milk chocolate, mink or even russet, but they have the ability to tone your brow to your hair colour in a way that will make your eyebrows look gorgeous without looking overly artificial.

Blush and lips – all the catwalks had the ‘healthy glow’ blush this year, which is fab because it’s a beautiful wedding look. Your make up artist will apply just enough subtle blush to give you a fresh ad glowing look which also enhances cheekbones. This is great news for stressed brides as there’s nothing like a natural blush effect to distract from dark circles around the eyes. To work with blusher, this year’s lips are tea rose and berry coloured, rather than the nude shades seen in recent years.


There’s a lot of lace in autumn wedding gowns, which requires a certain amount of careful planning for your hair. Autumn offers two main choices –

Slick at the front, tousled at the back. This look, seen at Jonathan Saunders, works perfectly for lace dresses and backless gowns. It requires a smooth front hair, whilst the up-do at the rear has some texture and intricacy. We’ve seen single ringlets pulled out of buns to dangle over a backless dress and while some brides love this, others feel it looks like ‘they missed a bit’ so if you fancy this style, it’s best to rehearse it with the person who’s doing your hairdo on the day

Beach style. This look is being worn with delicate rose gold or titanium chains woven through it for autumn. It’s mussy and feminine and works well with coloured gowns. It has a potential benefit too … autumn can be windy and if your hair is already tousled, the wind can’t damage your look!


If you’re going for backless, make sure that back is in shape! Get it exfoliated, moisturise every day and, if necessary, get your make up artist to spot cover any acne scars or other blemishes that could make your spine less than special.

Bridesmaids are still getting rich coloured dresses this year, and we’ve seen a few dip-dye and ombré hairstyles to match. If you would like this, but your bridesmaids wouldn’t (or can’t have unusual hair colours because of their jobs etc) then talk to your make up artist about having a professional hair chalk look. This could range from a streak of colour in each bridesmaid’s hair through to a full ombré under layer. Because it washes out, it’s a dramatic statement that actually doesn’t require the commitment of permanent colour.

Decor and accessories

Dried leaves, real or fake, make a wonderful table decorate and a photo of bride and groom throwing handfuls of glowing autumn leaves at each other is a wonderful image.

Hanging lanterns and strings of warm coloured lights create an autumn feel. Bridesmaids carrying candle lanterns are a big feature of autumn wedding this year.

Flowers such as dahlias are being married to acorns, glowing autumn leaves and pine cones to create big, richly coloured, autumn wedding bouquets. Jewellery that works with such textured flowers is often understated – pearls always succeed and we’ve seen some nice pendants on cream and coffee coloured velvet ribbons, a hint of Victoriana along with soft autumn colours.

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