Elizabeth is often asked by brides to cover tattoos and imperfections for their special day. Make-up can help to conceal, colour and contour areas of the body as well as the face.

Elizabeth offers the following…

Tattoo Coverage

This is down to preference and should always be the bride’s choice as to whether she wants to cover a tattoo. Sometimes it depends on the positioning of a tattoo in relation to the style of dress. For example if only part of the tattoo is showing it may look better covered. Elizabeth uses the award winning Dermablend range, these products are transfer resistant, long lasting with added SPF, a combination of the creams and Airbrush foundation will expertly cover all complexion flaws, even the most severe ones (redness, dark circles, uneven complexion, vitiligo, acne). Skin is left looking even and luminous, with a no mask effect.

Tattoo 1

Tattoo 2

Tattoo 3

Tattoo 4

Skin Conditions

Again this comes down to personal choice to how much cover you want but conditions such as Rosacea, a condition that is characterised by redness and sometimes pimples, and Vitiligo, which is depigmentation of patches of skin, can also be covered effectively and most importantly the skin can still look natural. Elizabeth realises the importance of still looking like yourself when covering conditions so together you can decided whether to only reduce the appearance of them or completely cover them.


Alexa after

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2013-01-05 10.26.37

Contouring and Highlighting

Makeup Lizzy 003There are two crafty li’l tricks Elizabeth uses to enhance your bone structure and make it look like you’re constantly under the most flattering movie lighting possible. These are fantastic techniques are mainly used on the face but can also be used on areas of the body too. If you are wearing a low cut, strapless dress for example a bit of contouring under the jaw and neck can help to sculpt this area beautifully and if you want to enhance your décolletage clever shading can be really effective.

Airbrush Makeup

Invision Photography Ltd 88This great for use on the body as its long lasting, waterproof and transfer resistant. It’s ideal if you wish to even out skin tone on the chest and back areas or use it to cover any blemishes or imperfections. If you don’t want to use fake tan but want to add a bit of colour to the body it’s also an ideal way to add a natural colour, Elizabeth uses a specially formulated airbrush bronzers that are ideal for this.

Tip: It’s well worth a trial run before the big day. Rest assured Elizabeth will keep it natural to make the effect flawless!