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Bridal Makeup – Eyelash Extensions

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Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day … and to be stunning on her honeymoon! Eyelash extensions are the secret weapon of many a gorgeous glowing bride.

Why eyelash extensions?

There are so many reasons for opting for eyelash extensions:

  1. The transformational power of lash extensions is unbelievable, literally. Although nobody will know you’ve had extensions unless you tell them, you’ll benefit from the long, lush impression they give.
  2. Your honeymoon can be mascara free – no matter how hot the location, or how steamy your romance, eyelash extensions cope magnificently with seawater and swimming pools, late nights and loving clinches!
  3. Fullness, length and cover are all yours – you can choose from ultimately glamorous through to nicely natural – an experienced make up artist can help you choose lash extensions that give you the look you’ve always wanted.
  4. They reduce the need for other make-up. Because eyelash extensions give such definition to your eyes, you don’t have to commit to a heavy new look for your wedding day … instead you can work with your make up artist to create a bridal look that allows you to feel confident you’re looking your best.

How to choose eyelash extensions

Wise brides start some months before the wedding, so that they get used to the new longer, thicker lashes. Whilst lash extensions look completely natural, they do have a certain amount of weight and adjusting to that can be an odd experience.  Because a full set lasts four weeks, and then top-ups are necessary every two or three weeks, it’s best to get to the maintenance stage in advance of your wedding so you don’t add to your stress.

Make sure your lash artist is experienced, and understands your needs. This will ensure you have a stress-free installation – expect to be in the chair for about an hour and a half for a full set, less time for top-ups. Use that time to relax … you’ll come out double-gorgeous if you’ve focused on relaxing and breathing properly – it’s a great way to beat wedding worries.

Bridal makeup and eyelash extensions

Once you’ve got your eyelash extensions in place, you can decide how to accentuate your stunning lashes with subtle wedding makeup that gives you the chance to shine as the most beautiful of brides. Remember to talk to your lash technician about your wedding hair plans – she’ll be able to help you define the best curve, colour and lash definition to work with your hair. It’s a great idea to work with the same person for your hair, lashes and make-up so you can build a complete look that really works.

Tips for top lashes

  • When you take a shower or wash your face, just pat your lashes dry, don’t rub and while they’re still damp, use a little lash comb to groom them back into shape.
  • Avoid oily make up remover, don’t pull at your lashes and don’t rub your eyes!

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