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Four key reasons to hire a professional make-up artist for your promotional video

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  1. Everybody has (hopefully) heard the old adages like ‘the camera adds 5 kilos’, and ‘don’t wear checked patterns as they pixilate onscreen’ etc. One fact everybody ‘knows’ is that ‘you need more make up for the camera’.This means that women need an intensified version of their usual look if they aren’t going to appear washed out, whilst men who don’t usually wear makeup (and more and more men do, they just don’t talk about their touch of cover-up plus brow pencil etc) are going to look anemic or possibly actually ill, if they don’t have a professional makeup artist on hand to boost their natural pigmentation and tone down any shiny areas.
  1. Good promo video make up reduces work in retakes and/or digital editing. Erasing dark circles around the eyes on every second of a promotional video is possible, but very expensive. There’s nothing worse than looking at promo footage and being shocked at how the boss looks on camera.It’s a much better investment of time and money to ensure he or she looks great from the outset, because digitally enhancing footage is time consuming and costly. An experienced make-up artist will help everybody on-screen present their best possible appearance.
  1. Confidence is boosted when a makeup artist is involved. While many people can be nervous about being on-camera, a little bit of care from a calming, confident professional makeup artist can help people relax.Women in particular settle down when they know they are going to look their best whilst men, who might initially insist they don’t need make up, soon realise that there’s something relaxing and confidence boosting about the little bit of pampering that balances their hair and skin with their chosen clothing so they look and feel great. Fewer retakes, fewer mistakes and happier, more expressive subjects are the result, in part, of the work of a really experienced makeup professional.
  1. A make-up artist has the ‘eye’ for lighting, especially with High Definition. There’s a reason that make-up artists are an essential component for every TV show or film crew – it’s because they can make people look both perfectly natural, and very well-groomed, all at the same time! Hi Def video has made a real difference to the quality of promotional videos, but it’s also a cruel taskmaster to those who haven’t got experience of the often harsh effects of video lighting.A good makeup artist is a crucial team member who can make those being filmed look flawless and yet completely realistic.

Finding the right make-up artist for a promotional video shoot

So now you’re convinced you need a great make-up artist for your promo video, how do you find the right one? Here are another four tips:

  1. Find a makeup artist who does hair as well as makeup – that way the entire look is harmonised
  2. Ask to see a portfolio and look specifically for evidence of working with video, whether it’s wedding video or promotional video work – that experience will ensure your makeup artist is immediately ready to contribute skills to your video shoot
  3. Ask about length of experience – you want your video to be the best, so look for somebody who’s got a wide and deep range of make-up artist experience
  4. Explain what you’re going to do and ask for input – a make-up artist who has ideas to help you from the outset is an investment in the quality of your video, so choose somebody who is enthusiastic about promo video work!

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