Feather Hair Extensions Info, Prices & FAQ

Obsessed with beauty, individual expression? Why not try some temporary feather hair extensions…

Feather hair extensions are a hot new trend, and can be treated just like one’s natural hair. Elizabeth can apply the most natural of feathers to the brightest of feathers in every colour imaginable, including tie dye and stripped, her feather hair extensions standout in a crowd and against competitors!

Priced £5.00 per feather

Frequently Asked Questions

Elizabeth has selected the best UK seller who dyes the feathers by hand using environmentally friendly treatments. The feathers are then stylise for colour & length ensuring every pack meets a true love Standard, so you wear the most breathtaking & special feathers out there.
Your feathers will range in length from 7” to 16” inches…most of your feathers will be at least 10” inches!!!
Because feather extensions are 100% natural they can be washed, brushed, blow-dried and ironed just like your hair.
They are attached using a silicon lined micro-ring and wont damage your hair, with correct care and attention they should last at least two months, and possibly a lot longer!!
Your feathers won’t damage your hair as they are never glued so you can apply them individually, in twos or threes or even all together, giving you total freedom for how and where they sit in your hair.
Only some colours are shown online, so contact us if you have something specific in mind.. it’s likely to be available, or we could magic it up for you!