The Finest Real Hair Extensions

Elizabeth Clare only offers the very finest quality Russian and European double drawn human hair extensions.

Elizabeth offers realistic prices for exceptional quality hair and an outstanding, highly professional service.

Since Elizabeth Clare is an independent hair extension specialist, she is not tied under the umbrella of any other company or brand of extensions. This allows her to buy hair directly from the suppliers, and ensures that she can always source the finest quality hair. Often hair extensions salons that are tied under the name of large hair extension brands have to use their hair and products in order to use their name, but the hair isn’t always the best quality.

As Elizabeth uses superior quality hair it can be reused for multiple reapplications without deteriorating in quality, which significantly lowers the cost for subsequent applications since you do not need to keep paying for a completely new set of hair extensions.

Ethically Sourced, Cuticle Aligned Hair

Elizabeth Clare has spent year’s researching hair and ensures this is sourced ethically and naturally. Clients may choose from the finest unprocessed European or Russian coloured hair.

Our Russian hair is purchased directly from the Eastern part of the country. This true Russian Virgin Hair is the best on the market – it will transform your look, and give you the hair of your dreams! Only the finest, cuticle correct hair is selected. Following the selection process, every strand of hair then undergoes a long and meticulous in-house procedure which includes: washing, conditioning, drying, and finally being double-drawn into its precise lengths. This means that the cuticle remains intact and the hair is aligned correctly from root to tip.

All our hair is available in lengths from 14” – 22”.  (Longer lengths available on request)

Single & Double Drawn Hair

All the hair is double drawn. This means each bundle of hair contains only hairs of the same length, and all the shorter hairs have been removed. For example, a bundle of 16 inch double drawn hair would contain only hairs which are 16 inches in length.

This means that once the hair extensions have been applied they will be thick and full right the way to the tips. Single drawn hair only has the very shortest hairs removed, but still contains hairs of different lengths in each bundle. So a bundle of 16 inch single drawn hair would contain hairs of 10”, 12”, 14” and 16” etc., and looks tapered towards the tips. Once applied single drawn hair extensions tends to appear thinner and straggly towards the ends of the hair.

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IMAGE ABOVE: Illustrates the difference between hair that has been single drawn (left), and hair that has been double drawn (right) – I can send images separately if easier to upload, just wanted you to know where they need inserting

Types of Hair available



unnamed (2)Grade AAA 100% real human hair is designed to blend into your own hair as naturally as possible has cuticles intact and the roots and tips are aligned in the same direction.





unnamed (3)European Hair is very high quality hair and should not confused with genuine Euro-pean hair with the terms ‘Euro Hair’ or ‘European Style’ hair which is Asian hair that is processed to appear like European hair. Genuine European hair usually comes from Southern European countries such as Italy and Spain.

The hair is collected by taking raw ponytail cuttings, ensuring that the cuticles of the hair are correctly aligned. It is beautifully glossy, extremely soft, fine in texture, and is naturally wavy. Besides colouring the hair to produce a wider range of colours, it is left unprocessed and remains in its natural, healthy condition.


unnamed (4)This exceptionally high quality hair comes from Eastern Europe. It is naturally

wavy, beautifully silky, very strong and extremely durable