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Make up ideas to complement an art deco wedding theme

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An Art Deco or 1920s themed wedding is always fun. The key feature of any art deco wedding theme is the bride’s dress and make up which really sets the tone for the whole event. Creating the look requires a specific set of techniques to achieve the perfect 1920s vibe, but also to be as flattering as possible to the bride’s natural colouring.

The first thing to note is that your make-up artist may recommend colours that surprise you. This is because we are used to looking at the 1920s in two ways:

  1. In black and white, because most photographs and all movies and films were made in black and white only
  2. In hand-coloured images, because colourists were hired to hand tint those black and white photographs and even silent movies, frame by frame!

This means that we don’t necessarily see the limited range of colours available at the time. Rouge came in red, mascara in black and beauty spots were drawn on with a black pencil! The foundation of the day was also very heavy and powder made it heavier still. This all looks great in black and white, but many of the brides of the time might have not looked that good in colour, because they had no chance to match their natural skin tone to the perfect foundation, nor to find a lipstick that made them look utterly kissable!

Modern make-up artists use state of the art brands and techniques to create a light, comfortable look that has the right matte effect, dramatic lips and general elegance, without caking the bride in heavy cosmetics.


Foundation needs to be perfect – a pale, polished face, balanced by bold brows and dramatic lips is the goal. For some brides this will mean a matte foundation and the lightest touch of a rose blush high on the cheekbones, but for others a light shimmer along the brow and to narrow the nose, plus a touch of glitter on the upper lip to highlight the Cupid’s Bow, will work better.

A degree of contouring is usually required, not least because achieving the perfect expressive appearance of the flapper girl often means skilled work from a make-up specialist to create a wonderful make up that works with the bride’s gown. Each bride is different and your cosmetic artist will work with you to design something stunning and authentic.


Clara Bow defined the “It Girl” look with her doll-like lips. It’s not a look that is easy to pull off for many brides because it can look cartoonish unless perfectly balanced by eyes and hair! Your bridal make up artist will apply base and powder to reduce the natural line of your lip, then gently reshape it to something closer to the “bee stung lips” so popular at the time. Filling in this contour with a strong dramatic colour – possibly red but maybe cherry, plum or something with a rich brick or pomegranate tone, depending on your natural skin colour, gives a polished finish.

Matte lips look great but aren’t always easy to wear, so your make-up artist may soften the look with a little gloss, or perhaps highlight the key lip areas with shimmer to give a perfect pout.


Smoky seductive eyes were a flapper girl’s trademark look, and your make-up artist will give you that classic Nefertiti style in colours that flatter your dress and your eyes.

Whatever theme you have chosen for your wedding we can create a hair and make-up look that ensures you shine all day.

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