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Making your hair and make-up part of your wedding theme

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Everybody loves a vintage wedding! Whether you’re opting for a full vintage affair with a bridal crinoline and a horse-drawn carriage to convey you to the church, or a cool retro ceremony with swinging sixties mod attire for the groomsmen and stylish mini-dresses for the bridesmaids, the thing that unites the whole them and sets the tone for the day is the unity between dress, hair and makeup.

Working with a professional can really make the difference between looking good and looking stunning and that isn’t just because a professional make-up artist has skills at her fingertips that most of us will never possess. It’s also because make-up artists and stylists have been trained to understand themes and translate them so that they work well for any face, colouring and event. Here I’ll describe some of the fine detail that makes three fashionable wedding looks really work.

1920s/Art Deco/Flapper wedding style

A ‘roaring 20s’ wedding is incredibly popular right now. The women of the time were seen as unconventional and sophisticated, and this is how the makeup for a flapper wedding should be characterised. The look begins with pencil thin eyebrows, which should be arched in an ironic, bored style. Eye makeup is smoky and sultry, and lips should be dark with a highly defined Cupid’s bow.

The traditional colour for flapper brides is a dark matte red but that doesn’t work for all brides, so an expert make-up artist will find a way to adjust the palette to work with the bride’s colouring – for example using a brick red for pale skinned, freckled brides or a plum shade for those whose mahogany skin tones are not flattered by red tones. Cheeks should be understated to pale, and hair is likely to be a very sleek bob either Egyptian style or with Marcel waves. If your hair is too long for this look, it should be worn low in the neck, in a simple knot, and given a high degree of shine.

‘50s bride/WWII wedding style

Women in the 1950s were benefitting from the result of the Second World War – that they had been freed to take part in war efforts and ended up with a look that was both intensely practical and yet very polished. Because there were few cosmetics to call on, women had a simple, natural appearance with creamy skins (no foreign holidays to tan them), naturally arched and well-plucked eyebrows, and a strong red or pink lipstick. Mascara was popular but highly rationed so women used it sparingly and the block mascara was often used to paint lashes and also to define those strong but natural brows.

Hair, on the other hand was statement – women had very little money and cosmetics were hard to obtain even with ration stamps, but styling hair took only time and expertise, so elaborate up-dos such as Victory Rolls, Veronica Lake’s Peek-A-Boo look, and pin curls were commonplace. Be aware that such looks can be difficult to create, and keeping them looking good throughout a wedding and reception can be demanding. Calling on the services of a wedding make-up and hair expert is your best guarantee to get a wedding style that looks great and stays great until the end of the reception.

Sixties chic/Swinging sixties wedding

1960s lipstick was pale and matte – it’s a very challenging look to pull off and particularly for bridesmaid’s with a range of skin tones, it can look very unnatural just to put them all in the same pale lipstick. A talented makeup artist will tailor the look to each complexion – sometimes a little gloss is necessary and sometimes a frosted lipstick works better for a bride than a matte one.

The basic look can still be kept authentic although these variations will give a more flattering look to each member of the bride’s entourage. Eyes look untouched apart from eyeliner, but again, to create this look, it’s essential that the eye area is coloured with an excellent nude base and the graphic eyeliner of the era is sensitively applied so that the bride looks retro, not like a clown. Charcoal liner often works better than the traditional black and has just as much impact against a pale dress. False lashes are absolutely essential and need to be applied with care so they don’t weight down the bride’s eyelids.

Whatever your wedding theme or dream Elizabeth Claire and her team of wedding make-up artists and hair stylists can match how your entire hair and make-up look to your wedding theme. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and find out how we can help.

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