Popular Wedding Themes 2016

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Every make-up artist, wedding photographer and stylist knows that they need to be ahead of the curve – knowing what the bride may ask of them gives them a head-start in helping the happy couple to plan an amazing day. Here’s our roundup of wedding themes that are going to be big in 2016.

Instagram Interiors

Just like Kim and Kanye, many weddings are trending to an Instagram moment – Kim ad Kanye had their flower wall and other couples have been working with bicycle as props, planning shots with dogs, horses or other pets and neon signs spelling out significant words such as ‘love’ ‘fun’ or even ‘hitched’. These shots naturally lend themselves to great hashtags, which couples increasingly put on their invitations so that candid snaps of the day can be easily linked.

Soft metal

Last year’s metallic shades are turning up throughout weddings, with everything from pewter flowers on cakes through to rose gold in stationery and jewellery. Bridal make-up that incorporates metallics needs to be very carefully planned as there is a tendency for shimmer or glitter to appear as simply shiny on photographs, so if you’re planning to have a strong focus on rose gold, platinum, or the rainbow titanium that has been such a big feature of festivals in the past couple of summers, talk to your make-up artist about how to extend the soft metal to your make up without ending up looking as if you were recently varnished!

Walking the wild side

2016 weddings will be full of wild things, from dried flowers, ivy wreaths in bridal hair, through to wildflower posies for bridesmaids and grooms arriving on horseback (yes really, but make sure he’s had a few lessons if you’re planning an equine wedding feature!)

Beach weddings have fallen off, partly because of the somewhat higher risk in so many parts of the world of either disease or disruption. As a result, wild weddings require a bolder look than the pastel and relaxed beach look. This means choosing to wear strong lips and brows, more tousled hair and richer mossy, heathery and autumnal shades appearing in buttonholes and bridal looks.

Gibson Girls

One really notable feature of this year’s bridal catwalks in the USA was the Gibson Girl look. Both Theia and Houghton had large and unruly up-dos with butterfly, diamond or topaz hairpins that echoed the Gibson girl pin ups of the early 1900s. Ombré lips, in both cases, made this look much more grown up, and while creating an ombré lip can be demanding for the average bride, a good make-up artist can give you that sultry pout without making it look like your lip liner has a mind of its own!

Flashing some flesh

2015’s cropped wedding dresses have become 2016’s backless gowns. Strategic cutouts also feature heavily in next year’s top dresses so brides should be looking at getting their backs in shape, from exfoliation through to tanning and even a little contouring from a make up artist to give their spine the right elegance.

Lots of bling features appear with these dresses, notably back pendants with strong symmetric shapes and even spinal bindi in pastel shades to show off the best backs.

Twist, flick and cuff

While last year’s tip that the ear cuff would be a hot trend was definitely off beam, we’re seeing a trio of trends for fashion forward brides, comprising twisted hairstyles, cat’s eye liner flicks and pearl and filigree ear cuffs which are coming together for an intensely feminine but powerful look – think Game of Thrones meets Kate Middleton and you’ve got the look! Oscar de la Renta had ear cuffs all over his catwalk last year and they have finally broken through for Spring 2016.

If this trend appeals to you, look out for gilded twigs for your updo, combine them with big Gibson Girl hair and then plan a matte make up with a strong lip colour to give definition to the whole look.

Whatever you are planning for your 2016 (or beyond) wedding, talk to the team at Elizabeth Clare who are happy to consult and trial any style you are thinking of.

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