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Summer wedding make-up ideas

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On your big day, you’ll want to look your absolute best and that means stunning hair and immaculate make-up in addition to your beautiful dress.

No doubt you’ll have put lots of thought into your overall look in advance, and have come up with plenty of ideas about how to wear your hair.

But if you’re getting married in summer, have you considered theming your make-up to match your wedding décor? The idea isn’t as crazy as it sounds; here are a few ideas to get you started.

Less is more

A summer bride won’t want to look like she’s wearing lots of make-up, particularly if it’s warm outside as it can sometimes look too heavy for the occasion.

The best look is one which appears as if you’re not wearing any make-up at all; even if the reverse if actually true! It can take a lot of time and attention to allow your make-up to appear to be nude, whilst at the same time providing a flawless finish and covering up any imperfections.

Prepare your skin for weeks in advance by applying daily scrubs and helping it develop a healthy glow from within. On the day of your wedding, use a foundation which provides good coverage but is light. You can always add extra to the places that need it so don’t be tempted to opt for a heavy formula, even if your skin needs a bit more help.

Use a highlighter to cheek tops and eyelids to add a touch of shimmer whilst on the lips a product which enhances your natural colour works the best.

This kind of dewy and natural make-up works really well with wild flowers entwined in your hair and loose tendrils framing your face.

Having this classic and neutral make-up means it can be very easily incorporated into your overall scheme, with ivory, beige and cream the dominating themes. Think of pearls to adorn and add a splash of glamour while vintage decorations complement the design perfectly.

A very sophisticated look for both your make-up and your venue, on this occasion less most definitely means more.


If you want to introduce some colour into your summer wedding, pastels work really well as they’re easy on the eye and won’t overwhelm or swamp the occasion.

Keeping the rest of your make-up light and neutral, apply a colour wash to the eyes. The best colours to pick are a pastel yellow or green, natural tones which will brighten the whole eye area and will complement a touch of highlighter.

Reflect these tones in both your bouquet and your hair arrangement, before going on to use the same colours in your décor. Using yellow flowers and green foliage will help to keep costs down compared to using solely blooms, but will provide a beautiful summery effect.

To complete the look, choose lemons and soft greens for your bridesmaids’ dresses too, and you’ll have created a themed wedding which won’t look too overwhelming or contrived, yet will still perfectly match.

English rose

A traditional look which never fails to wow at weddings, especially during the summer months is the English rose style.

This works particularly well on those who have a delicate and paler complexion, rather than olive-skinned beauties.

Make-up is kept simple and stylish but with pink-ish tones all over. The cheeks have a rosy pink brushed onto the apples, whilst the lips have a dusky pink tone. The eyes are kept neutral with gel eyeliner and a hint of highlighter for added glimmer.

The result will be youthful and flattering, and will suit both brunettes and blondes.

The pink theme can be mirrored perfectly in the décor and the setting, with the use of English roses and other pink-toned flowers. Think strawberries and cream and everything quintessentially English – and pink – and you’ll get the idea. Contrast with rich creamy colours for maximum effect and you’ll have the perfect theme for a traditional English garden summer reception party. Anyone for champagne and strawberries?

Make-up for a summer wedding should highlight your natural beauty, with the emphasis on subtle colour and radiant skin. Pastel and seasonal colours work perfectly with blooms and green foliage while an English rose theme won’t just look beautiful on the bride walking down the aisle, but will also create a wonderful traditional garden wedding décor.

For the best advice for your wedding day make up, talk to the team at Elizabeth Clare as they will be able to match your natural colouring, your wedding colours and create the perfect make-up look for your special day.

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