Winter wedding hair and make-up ideas

Winter wedding hair and make-up ideas

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Winter weddings can be wonderfully dramatic experiences, but a winter bride probably needs to give some extra consideration to her hair and make up before the big day. Here are our key ideas to getting the perfect winter wedding look for you. Seek your make-up artist’s advice about conditioning your hair and skin in the lead-up to your wedding. Winter …

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Four key reasons to hire a professional make-up artist for your promotional video

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Everybody has (hopefully) heard the old adages like ‘the camera adds 5 kilos’, and ‘don’t wear checked patterns as they pixilate onscreen’ etc. One fact everybody ‘knows’ is that ‘you need more make up for the camera’.This means that women need an intensified version of their usual look if they aren’t going to appear washed out, whilst men who don’t …

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Why hiring a professional stylist for hair extensions is the best investment

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The simple answer is to look at any gossip magazine! Along with stories about failed relationships, cheating and who’s lost weight on what diet, dodgy hair extensions feature regularly as a key reason for calling out celebrities who look less than great. The list of those who’ve been charged with ugly hair extensions includes: Demi Moore, Pamela Anderson, Beyoncé (remember …

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Autumnal Wedding Looks

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What’s ahead of us for the autumn bride? The top trends in make-up, dresses and hair are described below, with some key tips on how to make the look work for you. Make up Better eyebrows – forget the scouse brow or the Cara Delavigne look, autumn’s eyebrows will be groomed but much more natural. Trust your wedding make up …

Popular Wedding Themes 2016

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Every make-up artist, wedding photographer and stylist knows that they need to be ahead of the curve – knowing what the bride may ask of them gives them a head-start in helping the happy couple to plan an amazing day. Here’s our roundup of wedding themes that are going to be big in 2016. Instagram Interiors Just like Kim and …

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Using More Adventurous Makeup Colours

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If you’re planning a photo-shoot, you’ll need to consider the effect of camera work on your chosen look. And the fact is, if you’re having wedding photographs taken, you’re planning a photo shoot! Bridal make up and photography Many brides don’t realise that they need to alter their usual makeup colours to get a really good result for their wedding …

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Make up ideas to complement an art deco wedding theme

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An Art Deco or 1920s themed wedding is always fun. The key feature of any art deco wedding theme is the bride’s dress and make up which really sets the tone for the whole event. Creating the look requires a specific set of techniques to achieve the perfect 1920s vibe, but also to be as flattering as possible to the …

Wedding Makeup Ideas – Contouring

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Kim Kardashian is so in love with contouring that she even posted an Kim Kardashian Instagram selfie showing where she places contrasting shades to create a defined but completely natural look, but the key point to notice is not just where Kim puts her colours but that she relies on the services of a celebrity make-up artist to get the …

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Making your hair and make-up part of your wedding theme

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Everybody loves a vintage wedding! Whether you’re opting for a full vintage affair with a bridal crinoline and a horse-drawn carriage to convey you to the church, or a cool retro ceremony with swinging sixties mod attire for the groomsmen and stylish mini-dresses for the bridesmaids, the thing that unites the whole them and sets the tone for the day …

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Summer wedding make-up ideas

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On your big day, you’ll want to look your absolute best and that means stunning hair and immaculate make-up in addition to your beautiful dress. No doubt you’ll have put lots of thought into your overall look in advance, and have come up with plenty of ideas about how to wear your hair. But if you’re getting married in summer, …