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Using More Adventurous Makeup Colours

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If you’re planning a photo-shoot, you’ll need to consider the effect of camera work on your chosen look. And the fact is, if you’re having wedding photographs taken, you’re planning a photo shoot!

Bridal make up and photography

Many brides don’t realise that they need to alter their usual makeup colours to get a really good result for their wedding photos. The tendency inside the bridal industry to suggest brides should be ‘natural’, ‘radiant’ and ‘pure’ doesn’t help because it implies an understated appearance which can leave an uninformed bride looking washed out and insignificant on her wedding day.

A professional make-up artist can tailor your make up to create an elegant look that still delivers a dewy and radiant image for the camera.

How does a make-up artist balance bridal beauty with camera appeal?

There are several ways to make a bolder and more adventurous colour scheme work beautifully for your wedding:

Base – the foundation for a wonderful wedding look

First, avoid foundation with SPF for your wedding day – most contain titanium which can give an oddly shiny effect in photographs. A make-up artist will have tested a range of foundations and blushers to ensure they use products that don’t cake, fade or give you a shiny nose, gleaming forehead or reflective chin!

Contouring looks great in photographs – slimming the nose, adding cheekbones and touching the upper lip and area under the eyebrow with a natural highlight, but it’s the work of a true professional; ask your make-up artist how contouring could benefit you by adding to your natural beauty.

Bold lips

Strong kissable lips are perfect for wedding photos, especially if you have a white dress. They offer definition and a natural pout without looking too stagey – your makeup artist will help you define just the right colour for you, which is unlikely to be bright red … unless that’s already your signature shade. Berry and wine shades work for many brides whilst those with darker skin tones can usually rock an aubergine shade perfectly.

This is the one place that a little bit of shine is required – your make-up artist will have a little gloss or maybe even a lip highlighter to touch up your look throughout the day (or the shoot if you’re doing a pre-wedding session) so that your lips are lush in every shot.

The eyes have it – wedding tricks for stunning brides

Your make-up artist will almost certainly propose a three colour well-blended look for your eyes, and even if you don’t usually wear that much eye-shadow it’s a great idea to try out this look because it will deepen your eye socket, lift your brows and widen the space between your eyes which just makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and more youthful.

A brighter shade of liner can be a wonderful addition to your bridal look too – a rich turquoise, deep green or navy can give your eyes a warmer look than your usual black or grey liner but your mascara will need to be jet black and probably more coats than usual, so that your lashes have a gorgeous depth. Consider eyelash extensions that will help you appear demurely wide-eyed without looking anything other than fresh and natural.

A great bridal make-up artist will make you look the best version of you for your special day and if you want to wear bright or adventurous make up on your special day make sure you find the time to trial the look to get it just right.

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