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Kim Kardashian is so in love with contouring that she even posted an Kim Kardashian Instagram selfie showing where she places contrasting shades to create a defined but completely natural look, but the key point to notice is not just where Kim puts her colours but that she relies on the services of a celebrity make-up artist to get the look just right.

Of course contouring has been used by make-up artists in Hollywood for decades – producing chiselled cheekbones, gently shadowed eyes and pouting lips not with plastic surgery but with colour.

Contouring your face for wedding photos

One of the times every woman wants to look her best is in wedding photographs, and careful use of contouring can add to the beauty of any bride – but it’s not something to experiment with on the day!

There are two reasons that contouring for your wedding should be done by a professional makeup artist:

  1. It has to stay put – whatever happens. An expert in wedding makeup can use products and techniques that won’t let you down, whether you have a weep or a wild ten minutes jiving with your dad. Nothing could be worse than a ‘look’ that starts to melt or slip of your face half way through your special day. Hire a makeup artist who can give you confidence that your beautifully contoured make up will look as good at midnight as it did when you walked down the aisle.
  2. Contouring has to work with your wedding dress. For many women, this means a pale or jewelled gown, with an elegant décolletage, and that means perfect blending of makeup so that it offers a flawless coverage from your cleavage to your hairline. It’s a delicate task to ensure that the skin tones are completely harmonious against a white or pastel dress, and balancing that with effective contouring to slim the nose, lift the cheekbones and open the eyes requires a high level of skill and a lot of experience of working with cosmetic colours.

There are other considerations too – contouring for tan or dark skin is rarely well described in tutorials but looks great; a wedding specialist makeup artist will have an extensive palette of products for every skin tone and will be able to work with freckles and other natural characteristics to enhance your natural beauty, not obliterate it.

How make-up contouring works

The makeup artist will examine your face to see where the natural shadows fall below the cheekbones, jaw and nose and will enhance those areas with contour colour that is darker than your natural tone. They will blend the contour colour outwards to shade the area, and then use a highlighter to indicate the parts of the face that would naturally be picked up by a spotlight, such as the centre line of the face and the high planes, as well as the bow of the upper lip.

Finally, a softly illuminating colour is added to the centre of the cheeks to warm the face. Over this contouring wedding make-up artists often add translucent powder to set the look, before applying eye and lip colour to harmonise with the dress and flowers.

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