Winter wedding hair and make-up ideas

Winter wedding hair and make-up ideas

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Winter weddings can be wonderfully dramatic experiences, but a winter bride probably needs to give some extra consideration to her hair and make up before the big day. Here are our key ideas to getting the perfect winter wedding look for you.

  • Seek your make-up artist’s advice about conditioning your hair and skin in the lead-up to your wedding. Winter can be hard on hair and skin, so a good conditioning routine for both is really vital. Your hands will be very much on show too, so ask her to help you get your hands and nails in perfect shape for your wedding day.
  • Work with your outfit. Many winter brides choose to wear a fake fur wrap or stole, or a beautiful white shawl, just to say warm enough on their big day. If this is true for you, be sure your makeup artist knows about it, as this can have a profound effect on your make-up and hair. As an example, an undo that is too low may rub against the raised neckline of your shawl or wrap, which can cause wisps to fall out of your carefully constructed chignon, which is not a great look!
  • Winter wedding make-up can vary from subtle to dramatic, but it’s really important to avoid looking too Rudolph (shiny red nose from the cold) or to ‘Walking in the Air’ (snowman pale and featureless) so your make up artist will choose shades such as gold, salmon and winter cherry that define your features and add a little depth to your chosen colour scheme.
  • Think about the weather because winter can be really tough. Extra moisture in the air one day, strong winds the next, snow and frost and freezing rain … they all take their toll on hair and face, so working with a professional make-up artist allows you to find a hairstyle and make up look that will appear elegant and attractive whatever the weather is doing. For example, an experienced hair and make up artist might use a volumiser to boost winter curl and a de-frizzing product to smooth the ends of hair prone to ‘fuzzing’ in humidity, as well as finding the right hairspray or other setting mechanism to keep the shape of your hairdo, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Avoid the cliches – ‘dramatic lips for winter’ sounds great but unless it’s carefully balanced by cheek colour it can just lead to you looking like the wicked stepmother queen from Snow White! Similarly, it’s easy to overuse the glitter in an attempt to create the right ethereal wintry look, which is why an experienced make-up artist is your best bet for the perfect winter wedding look.
  • Think about colour and fabric. Because winter brides often choose luxurious fabrics, a make-up artist has great scope to design a make-up palette that complements their stunning dress. This might mean having a subtly shaded ‘eye flick’ that starts with charcoal and finishes with teal eyeliner or it could be excellent contouring that lifts your cheekbones and narrows your nose. For example wine-colour lips work well with brocades, while an ombré lip effect looks absolutely wonderful with white faux fur.

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